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Wall heaters are heating units that are recessed into a wall or directly mounted to a wall.

Mounting directly to a wall surface: Most of the wall heaters we carry include the wall mount bracket(s), screws, wall plugs, and cable clamp assembly. *See individual product pages for specific installation directions.

Recessing heater into a wall: All wall insert heaters we offer include the recess mount box, heater assembly, and front grill. These wall heaters can easily be installed in between wall studs. *See individual product pages for specific installation directions.

Step 1 – Placement: All units are designed for placement in either interior or exterior walls. Care should be taken to provide a minimum of 8" clearance from floors, ceilings and adjacent walls. Once installed, the airflow through the heater should not be blocked in any way. Maintain three (3) feet clearance of objects from the front of unit. Maintain a spacing of three (3) feet between heaters in order to prevent re-circulation of heated air. Insulation surrounding the back and sides of the recess mount box will not affect performance. Ensure insulation is rated for temperatures up to 85oC.

Step 2 – Mounting the recess box: Determine the desired orientation of unit. Provide an opening in wall depending on the size of the wall heaters. Care should be taken to install the recess box in the correct orientation to accommodate grill. Ensure all required clearances are met (*see product manuals for specific details). Ensure recess box flanges are flush with the finished wall surface. For new construction, the sides of the recess box are marked with guidelines to allow for 1⁄2” and 5/8“ drywall thickness if drywall is to be added at a later date. Secure recess box to studs with screws using holes provided on sides or flange of recess box. Remove appropriate electrical knockout and secure supply wire using an approved strain relief connector leaving 6" of wire leads in the recess box.

Step 3 – Mounting the Heater Assembly: Insert the heater assembly into the recess box ensuring that the tab on the heater assembly slides into the slot in the recess box. Ensure the heater assembly is fully seated and secure to the recess box using the captive screw provided.

Step 4 – Electrical Connections: Turn off power supply at the electrical panel. Route supply wires from circuit breaker through wall thermostat to heater. For models with built in thermostat route from circuit breaker to heater. Supply wire must be of two wire plus ground variety, with a rating capable of handling all loads on the circuit. Supply wire should be rated for a minimum of 60C. Make electrical connection according to relevant wiring diagrams. Make connections using approved wire nut connectors and secure the grounding wire to the ground screw on the heater. (*See product manual(s) for specific details)

Step 5 – Secure the Front Panel: If your unit has a built in thermostat remove the plug on the front panel. Fasten the front grill using the screws provided. (*See product manual(s) for specific details)