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Kick Space Heaters

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How to install a Kick Space Heater:

Note: *Please see specific product manuals for detailed directions. Kick Space heating unit should be installed so that it is not directly under sink or other frequently used work area, as air temperature may be uncomfortably warm. Also, if carpeting in on the floor, mount unit so bottom of grille is level or above the carpet pile.

Step 1 - Measure area of intended use. If there is not sufficient room for the grille frame, the frame may be removed by removing grille frame.

Step 2 – Cut opening the size of your kick space heater. Keep clearance area free of obstructions.

Step 3 – Bring in service cable to left or rear of 10” minimum.

Step 4 – Remove heater cover and appropriate knockout. Attach service cable to unit with approved connector and connect color to color in outlet box.

Step 5 – Replace cover, slide unit into opening, and secure each side.