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Electric Heat Source is committed to providing you with all the information you need to choose the right electric heater.

We understand how difficult this process can be and are here to help! From understanding the different types of heat to deciding which heater style and size is right for your specific situation, we're committed to helping every step of the way. Please utilize our library of information pages below to learn more about electric heat and contact our expert customer service staff with any questions.
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Heat Source: Pros & Cons of Different Heating Fuels


  • 100% efficient, all heat produced is distributed
  • No combustion or chimney needed
  • No venting needed
  • No duct or pipe distribution system needed
  • Each room individually controlled
  • Least expensive design/installation
  • Larger electrical service required in some instances ( offers a variety of electric heaters - browse our selection to find one that's perfect for your situation)


  • Non-explosive
  • Less likely to produce carbon monoxide
  • Independent suppliers
  • No monthly service fees
  • Must be stored on premises
  • Annual burner maintenance required
  • 85% maximum efficiency
  • High temperature exhaust
  • Potential ground/water contaminant


  • Does not need to be stored on premises
  • 95% maximum efficiency
  • Low temperature exhaust
  • Potentially explosive
  • Produces Carbon monoxide
  • Monthly service fees, regardless of usage


  • No combustion or chimney needed
  • Produces air conditioning as well as heat
  • System distributes lower air temperature
  • Uses electric resistive heat as a backup
  • Evolving technology causes premature obsolescenc

The zone heating concept is simple, the basic premise is turn back your central heating system and use zone heaters for additional warmth in the rooms you use most often. Studies show we spend 80% of our time in only 20% of our space. Electric heat is 100% energy efficient meaning that all the energy that it takes to run the unit is going into heating your home. Electric zone heating products are the most cost effective choice for added supplemental heat.