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How to Install a Downflow Heater: (Need to include pictures from the owners manual)

Mounting Positions
This appliance may be either wall-mounted or fixed to a ceiling - see Fig. 2 for various mounting configurations. Heaters may be mounted end to end for wide doorways.

Installation Using the wall mounting bracket as a guide (see ‘a’ in Fig. 3) mark off the hole positions on the wall or ceiling (see ‘B’ in Fig. 1). A minimum height of 1.8metres (6.0 feet) is required from floor to the bottom of the heater, and 38.1 mm (1.5 inches) clearance to vertical walls (see Fig. 1). Fix the bracket in position by following steps as described under the heading ‘Wall or Ceiling Mounting’.

Wall or Ceiling Mounting
Solid brick or concrete block walls must be drilled and plugged (using a spirit level as a guide to ensure bracket is level) with anchors. The anchors must be located in the solid part of the wall, not just in the plaster layer.

Locate the heater on the mounting bracket ensuring that the screws are fully engaged in the slots of the bracket. It is important that the serrated metal washer (a) as shown in figure 4 is located between the heater holding bracket (b) and the wall mounting bracket (c). Adjust heater to the required angle then firmly tighten the fixing screw (d) inside the endcap (e) using a Philips screwdriver (f).